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A Secured Data Hiding Techniques for Motion Vectors using stenography

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A technique for high capacity data hiding in MPEG-2 streams is presented Data hiding techniques to reduce the signaling information resulting from an improvement of Inter-coding.. The objective is to maximize the payload while keeping robustness and simplicity by transforming the co-efficient. We propose a robust error resilient approach for MPEG video transmission over internet. In this work, we develop an error resilient video encoding approach to help error concealment at the decoder and the modification is performed via rate-distortion optimization.. We introduce a new block shuffling scheme to isolate erroneous blocks caused by packet losses. And we apply data hiding to add additional protection for motion vectors. Apart from the advantage of increase message payload, excessive bit rate and quality distortion the proposed solution overcome the packet loss and provide security to the hidden message in MPEG Video.This paper deals with data hiding in compressed video. we target the motion vectors used to encode and reconstruct both the forward predictive (P)-frame and bidirectional (B)-frames in compressed video.


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Data hiding, motion vectors, Motion Picture Expert Group (MPEG), steganography, packet loss.

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