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Secure multi-party computation (also known as secure computation or multi-party computation/MPC) is a subfield of cryptography with the objective to create methods for parties to equally compute a function more their inputs, and maintenance these inputs private [1].In this paper, we survey the basic paradigms and notions of secure multiparty computation and talk about their significance to the field of privacypreserving data mining and cloud computing. In addition to reviewing definition and constructions for secure multiparty computation, we discuss the issue of efficiency and demonstrate the difficulties involved in constructing greatly efficient protocols. We also there common errors that are prevalent in the writing when secure multiparty computation techniques are useful to privacy-preserving data mining and cloud computing. Finally, we talk about the relationship among secure multiparty computation and privacy-preserving data mining and cloud computing [2].


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Secure Multiparty Computation (SMC), Cloud computing, privacy-preserving and data mining.

  • Format Volume 3, Issue 2, No 2, 2015
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  • Year of Publication 2015
  • Author S.Tamizharasi, K. Ravikumar
  • Reference IJCS-101
  • Page No 580-582.

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