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A Hybrid Method on Fractal Image Compression Using Quadtree Decomposition and Run length Encoding

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Fractal image compression is a relatively recent image compression method which exploits similarities in different parts of the image. Fractal Image compression (FIC) is one among the compression techniques in the spatial domain which exploits similarities in different parts of the image. One can see the self similar regions in the image above. In this paper we discuss about the two methods combined and form a one method. By using threshold value of 0.2 and Runlength Encoding for encoding and decoding of the image these techniques have been applied for the compression of satellite imageries. The compression ratio (CR) and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) values are determined. The Matlab simulation results show that for the Quad tree decomposition approach shows very significant improvement in the compression ratios and PSNR values derived from the fractal compression with range block and iterations technique.


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Runlength encoding,CR,PSNR

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