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Group Data Sharing using Group keys on Encrypted cloud Data

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Cloud computing technology is widely used so that the data can be outsourced on cloud can accessed facilely. Different users can apportion that data through different virtual machines which present on single physical machine. But the thing is utilizer don’t have control over the outsourced data. The main purport is to apportion data securely among users. The cloud accommodation provider and users Authentication is compulsory to ascertain no loss or leak of user’s data in cloud. Privacy preserving in cloud is consequential. Cryptography avails the data owner to apportion the data to the requested utilizer in safe way. For that the data owner encrypts the data and uploads on server. The encryption and decryption keys may be different or same for different set of data. For decrypting the required data only the set of decryption keys are shared. Here a public key cryptosystems which engenders a ciphertext which is of constant size. The difference is one can amass a set of secret keys and make them as minuscule size as a single key with holding the same ability of all the keys that are composed in a group as aggregate key.


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Cloud Provider, Authentication, Privacy in Cloud, Cryptography, Encrypt, Cyphertext, Aggregate Key.

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