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Data Sharing in Cloud Storage Using Single key cryptosystem

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Key direction plus key sharing plays ye main role in the information sharing conception of cloud computing. Traditional key cryptosystem lack ye enhanced protected techniques as ye keys are did by ye exhilarating arbitrary key generation. Subsisting schema verbalized to have aggregate key cryptosystem in which key caused by designates of sundry derivations of cipher text class properties of informationplus its related keys.Cloud computing Schema provides the flexible architecture to apportion the applications as well as youearly network resources. Cloud memory alters networked online memory when information is stored on many virtual servers naturally hosted through third parties, instead than being hosted on dedicated servers. The aggregate was engendered at only once, if we lost you key denotes it is arduous to access the information. So we introduce a SSH (Secure Shell) key, Digital signature, key escrow plus encapsulation algorithm for ensure certification in cloud. This key is utilized to authenticate ye remote computer plus sanction it to authenticate ye user.


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SSH key, Key Escrow, Cloud Storage, data sharing, aggregate key.

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