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A Multiple Determination Support for Web Application Clusters to Hybrid Clouds using cloudmigration

International Journal of Computer Science (IJCS) Published by SK Research Group of Companies (SKRGC)

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One of the key problems in migrating multi-component enterprise applications to Clouds is selecting the best mix of VM images and Cloud infrastructure services. A migration process has to ensure that Quality of Service (QoS) requirements are met, while satisfying conflicting selection criteria, e.g. throughput and cost. When selecting Cloud services, application engineers must consider heterogeneous sets of criteria and complex dependencies across multiple layers impossible to resolve manually. To overcome this challenge, we present the generic recommender framework CloudGenius and an implementation that leverage well known multi-criteria decision making technique Analytic Hierarchy Process to automate the selection process based on a model, factors, and QoS requirements related to enterprise applications. In particular, we introduce a structured migration process for multi-component enterprise applications, clearly identify the most important criteria relevant to the selection problem and present a multi-criteriabased selection algorithm. Web applications to virtualized Cloud services is selecting the best and compatible mix of software images (e.g., Web server image) and infrastructure services to ensure that Quality of Service (QoS) targets of an application are achieved. The fact that, when selecting Cloud services, engineers must consider heterogeneous sets of criteria and complex dependencies between infrastructure services and software images, which are impossible to resolve manually, is a critical issue. To overcome these challenges, we present a framework (called CloudGenius) which automates the decision-making process based on a model and factors specifically for Web server migration to the Cloud. CloudGenius leverages a well known multi-criteria decision making technique, called Analytic Hierarchy Process, to automate the selection process based on a model, factors, and QoS parameters related to an application


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Cloud migration, migration process, selection problem, criteria set, decision-making, decision support, Cloud Service Selection, Multi-dimensional Trust Evidence, Trust and Reputation Evaluation, Evidential Reasoning.

  • Format Volume 4, Issue 2, No 8, 2016
  • Copyright All Rights Reserved ©2016
  • Year of Publication 2016
  • Author D.Sarumathi, S.Baskaran
  • Reference IJCS-153
  • Page No 930-934

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