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Finding Misconfigurations in Router and Network Using Minerals

International Journal of Computer Science (IJCS) Published by SK Research Group of Companies (SKRGC).

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The router misconfigurations are common and can have dramatic consequences to the operation of the network. Misconfigurations can compromise the security of an entire network or even cause disruption to the Internet connectivity. The solutions have been proposed can detect a number of problems in real configurations files. These solutions share a common limitation, based on rules which need to be known beforehand. In order to overcome these limitations, address the problem of router misconfigurations using data mining technique. More specifically, minerals using association rule mining. While association rule mining has traditionally applied to the configuration files of routers across an administrative domain to discover local, network specific policies. Deviations from these local policies are potential misconfigurations. The configuration files are user accounts, interfaces and BGP sessions.


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Association rules mining, error detection, network management, static analysis.

  • Format Volume 1, Issue 2, No 1, 2013.
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  • Year of Publication 2013
  • Author S.Arockia Rubi, M.Brindha Devi.
  • Reference IJCS-008
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