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Sri Vasavi College, Erode Self-Finance Wing, 3rd February 2017. National Conference on Computer and Communication, NCCC’17. International Journal of Computer Science (IJCS) Published by SK Research Group of Companies (SKRGC)

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Cloud computing is a hot technology now, is a new business model. The popularity and the application areas of the cloud computing has significantly increased since it was proposed by Google in 2007. Cloud computing includes set of resources and services to be shared among users via Internet. The use of cloud computing to businesses in many industries, especially e-commerce has brought new opportunities. For doing business in this communication era, web is the best medium. For business owners and consumers, online businesses broke down the barrier of time and space compared to the physical shop or office. Cloud computing can provide good economic efficiency for the application of business enterprise E-commerce.


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Cloud Computing, E-Commerce, Models, Framework, Issues.

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