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Sri Vasavi College, Erode Self-Finance Wing, 3rd February 2017. National Conference on Computer and Communication, NCCC’17. International Journal of Computer Science (IJCS) Published by SK Research Group of Companies (SKRGC)

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Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is an Emerging Technology, having features like dynamic topology and self-configuring ability of nodes. Each device in a MANET is without free to move in any direction and its changes the connections to other devices frequently. Mobile Ad-hoc network is faces several challenges such as Energy, Routing, Security, Quality of services, Memory and etc.. The self –configuring ability of nods in MANET made it popular among the critical mission such as military use and emergency recovery. The main Intrusion Detection is one of the possible ways in recognizing possible attacks before the system could be penetrate. The encryption and authentication solution are consider as the first line of protection, are no longer enough to protect MANETs. In this paper, we focus on various intrusion-detection systems in MANETs.


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Mobile Ad-Hoc Network, Intrusion Detection System.

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