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Image mining is the process of searching and discovering valuable information and knowledge in large volumes of data. Image mining is simply an expansion of data mining in the field of image processing. Image mining handles with the hidden knowledge extraction, image data association and additional patterns which are not clearly accumulated in the images. Advances in image acquisition and storage technology have led to tremendous growth in significantly large and detailed image databases. These images, if analyzed, can reveal useful information to the human users. Image mining deals with the extraction of implicit knowledge, image data relationship, or other patterns not explicitly stored in the images. Image mining is more than just an extension of data mining to image domain. With significantly large and increasing multimedia database often the users have to mine the available data to retrieve the relevant information. Image Retrieval, which is an important phase in image mining, is one technique which helps the users in retrieving the data from the available database. The increase in number of images and image databases has given way for the need for image mining techniques. Image mining is an extended branch of data mining that is concerned with the process of knowledge discovery concerning digital images. The main aim of this paper is to present an overview of the various image mining applications like image retrieval, Matching, Pattern recognition etc.


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Data mining, Image mining, Feature extraction, Image matching, Image retrieval.

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