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Design and Implementation of an Online Social Network Application with Privacy Violation Detector Based On Text Mining Technique

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Now a days Online Social Networks [OSN] are integral part of human society. In the present scenario of Networked Society, a person maintains an account for social networks for building interpersonal relations, business exchanges/transactions, sharing of ideas and information among like-mined peoples for various activities. Because of its enormous benefits, the use of OSN’s is increasing day by day. The users of such systems are badly in need of the facilities for protection of their private/personal information and their likes and dislikes. Here, the term privacy is defined as: it is the maintenance of confidentiality. To keep secrecy of personal information of users and prevent privacy violation, various techniques are available and supported by different OSNs. However, the existing system could not fulfill privacy maintenance as the expected level of users. This paper discusses a model that allows user to take over the control of their profiles in OSN and thereby control the privacy. The key functions of the proposed model are that the message posted on user wall’s will be filtered for unwanted content in any form and type and will be posted with the users consent only. The feasibility of this model is considered with the present OSN’s scenarios.


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Privacy Violation, Online Social Networks, Information Filtering, Text Mining.

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