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Smart Engine Based Border Alert and Security System

International Journal of Computer Science (IJCS) Published by SK Research Group of Companies (SKRGC)

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The application can be extensively used by people in the Sea border to find the path to reach the destination. The notification will be sent to the border security forces which act as the server to all other devices that are operated by people in ships. The application will notify the information of where the devices are being located and intimate them about the issues that occur due to opponent forces in ships to server and also notify in voice. This can act as an incident management application to avoid conflicts at varying situations. This is processed mainly for Tamil fishermen’s who are employed in the borders. The automatic alarming system is going to be provided along with this device which alerts in case any sort of issues. This is devised in such a way that the application can be easily been utilized by all the people in the surroundings. The application operates based on smart engine and SMS alert system. This provides ease to operate even for illiterate people.


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Smart Engine, RF, Wireless, SMS

  • Format Volume 5, Issue 2, No 05, 2017
  • Copyright All Rights Reserved ©2017
  • Year of Publication 2017
  • Author P. Chindhia, U. Poornima
  • Reference IJCS-322
  • Page No 2142-2147

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