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Application of Cloud Computing to Agricultural Field through Smart Phone

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Most of the information technology (IT) systems currently used for duties such as filing tax records and traceability records to meet the requirements of non-farmers in the government and distribution industry. Now a day the formers also started to use the Information technology for their agricultural works via the smart phones. So, this paper focused on introducing the latest technologies such as sensors, wireless networks, and Cloud computing to radically revise approaches to agriculture and conduct business feasibility studies to establish a hypothetical model of Cloud services. It will make a genuine contribution to agriculture. This hypothetical model has much in common with on-site operations such as medical/nursing care and maintenance besides agriculture, so the work is to develop it across a broader range of fields. On the basis of the knowledge acquired through actual agricultural operations and subsequent analysis, this paper will describe the affinity between agriculture and Cloud computing and discuss how the technologies used in the demonstration test can be applied to other fields


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  • Author D.Dhivya, Dr. N.Nagadeepa
  • Reference IJCS-035
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