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Effective Tracking System Based On Android

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To furnish the need of people who always want to be in touch with their closed ones to keep themselves safe, a location tracing system that can be used in real time is presented in this paper. The system is based on Blackberry operating system. The proposed system is more secured and reduces security risk due to the use of Blackberry operating system. The striking feature of the application is the integration of Blackberry messenger that has several social networking users with the system. The main idea behind the system is to locate many people even in a busy environment. Other services that are provided by the system are data-sharing, creating and organizing groups, etc


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DFD (Data Flow Diagram), Plug-ins, SDK (Software Development Kit)

  • Format Volume 2, Issue 1, No 2, 2014.
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  • Year of Publication 2014
  • Author S. Indumathi, M. Jayanthi, Mr.K.Saravanan
  • Reference IJCS-038
  • Page No 209-214

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