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A Dynamic Programming Approach Privacy Preserving Collaborative Data Publishing

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A user wants to store his files in an encrypted form on a remote file server. Later the user wants to efficiently retrieve some of the encrypted files containing (or indexed by) specific keywords, keeping the keywords themselves secret and not jeopardizing the security of the remotely stored files. In this problem under well-defined security requirements and the global distribution of the attributes for the privacy preserving. Our schemes are efficient in the sense that over all efficient attribute table the sensitive attribute in any equivalence class to be distribution of the attribute in the overall records. They are also incremental, in that can submit new files which are secure against previous queries but still searchable against future queries.


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Index Terms—Privacy, security, integrity, and protection, distributed databases.

  • Format Volume 2, Issue 2, No 1, 2014
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  • Year of Publication 2014
  • Author Ms.S.Saranya
  • Reference IJCS - 052
  • Page No 297 - 305

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