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A jade based healthcare system

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Due to the fast increasing growth of technologies in mobile networks and the Internet, mobile and more in general distributed computing are two basic research areas of Information Technology. These technologies plays an important role in our existing life start from education, social, healthcare, career and many more. The existence of these technologies in our daily life has by far changed the way we learn, work, communicate, seek information and organize our lives. The Intra networks atmospheres in which a organization monitors and governs all points. In order to provide an increased flexibility between clients and servers, Mobile agents can be used even in case of impaired network. From a central system a MA can be dispatched in order to control real-time devices.


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Mobole agent, Jade, Heterogenous, database.

  • Format Volume 3, Issue 1, No 1, 2015
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  • Year of Publication 2015
  • Author Sharmila Rathod
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